Our Mission

As a leading provider of ABA, we understand the worry that comes with your child's Autism Spectrum Diagnosis. Our approach focuses on collaboration, cooperation, and coordination in order to bring about positive change and growth. We provide services within your home and community to teach across multiple areas of skills faciliating independence in your child's day-to-day life. We recognize your child's potential and are dedicated to providing the highest quality care individualized to your child's needs. From daily challenges to your child's future, we are here to help you hand-in-hand.

How Can We Help?

In-Home Services

In-home based services allow your child to learn communication and daily life skills in a safe and familiar place. This provides you more opportunities to take part in your child's therapy and learn directly from skilled board-certified behavior analysts.

Social Groups

Socialization can be particularly challenging for children with ASD. Our social skills program is led by a board-certified behavior analyst and behavior therapist team to facilitate appropriate peer interaction and practice social skills through fun activities.

Community Outings

We know life doesn't stop in the doorway. Our community outing services allow your child to generalize skills from your home into the community. We specialize in using natural environment teaching to promote independence and community integration.


Each child has a team to support them through life's challenges. We work collaboratively with Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, Neurologists, Pediatricians, Special Education Teachers, and more to give your child every advantage to thrive!

Age Group

We provide ABA services to individuals between the ages of 1 to 22 years old.


We are proud to service Mass Health.

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Our Locations

Helping families across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We are growing!

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Contact Us

Phone: (781) 366-4210 

Email: Info@ABAHelps.com

Grow with Us!

We are looking for motivated and compassionate individuals ready to make a difference. Email your resume to careers@abahelps.com.

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We do not deny services based on age, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, language, disability or social economic status.
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